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As someone who shifted to Gurgaon from Delhi almost 20 years back - the messaging around Gurgaon being built with Cyber City in focus or no distinction between well-off areas and non-well off areas - doesn't 100% align with what I've seen / felt. Cyber hub is rarely visited by actual residents of Gurgaon (families, kids, etc. who moved here before it got constructed), there is a distinction b/w Old Gurgaon (on the other side of the NH8) and the 'newer' (new but still OG in terms of real estate by DLF, Unitech, etc.) - old Gurgaon has residents who have been in Gurgaon since a long long time before the boom of migrants (possible people native to Haryana), while the other side has the Delhi folks who moved here for better real estate, etc.

Golf course, golf course extension, sohna, sectors beyond 50 etc. - they're not considered core Gurgaon by the OG gurgaon natives (this is not just me, I have seen this trend in my circle as well). They're more recent - more driven by the corp. folks who moved here because of office proximity, etc. from Delhi as well as other states (I came across a lot of folks in my office who shifted here from Tier 2 cities because of their job and now call Ggn their permanent residence). It's like Bellandur in Bangalore - if that analogy makes sense.

It's a great article on the branding theme... but just felt a bit defensive about the other characteristics of Gurgaon that are mentioned here (also because a lot of people tend to develop an image of Ggn based on what they read).

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yo, thanks a lot for the reply! I agree with you on old Gurgaon, but it's a part of town that I did not want to mis-characterize because I've not been there very often. my piece was intended to show more macroeconomic factors, and any rising city gets defined by the economic opportunity it provides. much of my pieces covers the last 15 years of development, but ofc not more. that's something I have little knowledge of.

I'm also a migrant here, and for me, like many other people, Gurgaon is defined by companies, so it's colored from that perspective a lot. but I appreciate your comment, thank you.

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