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What a brilliant piece! Often, I find it difficult to not get riled up by these echo chambers and not pass judgements, but thanks for giving this topic a fairly neutral perspective. I have something to learn. 😅

Also, do you think a similar phenomenon on Instagram occurs with finance influencers, career coaches, etiquette gurus etc.? I find it very conflicting. I love that these platforms give everyone a voice but at the same time the voice is not actually their own? I don’t know how to feel about it.

The legal notice story is a brilliant one tho. And the framing of it is just some kind of a wonderful cosmic joke. 🤣

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Of course I must share this on LinkedIn :)

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brilliant as usual!

the content head at a top non-music audio OTT company in India gave a couple of lectures at my college. he talked about how they look at all content as self-help, and that framing it that way is helpful for them to better reach their target audience - primarily non-English speaking, non-elites

the Gita obviously is also self help. but so is a zombie apocalypse audio thriller set in IIT-B, because that helps the listeners get a peek into life at IIT-B - which is hugely aspirational for everyone (even for those who have finished their studies). He also talked about how, audio books/content on say history, politics etc. gave them the ability to appear smart.

just thought that would be interesting to you and the readers of this - once again - brilliant piece

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